Here are a couple of things you may or may not want to know about me:

  • I’m an import. I was born and raised in Germany until I met my husband who was stationed there with the Canadian Forces until 1993. He says I’m his most expensive souvenir. I disagree: I’m his most valuable souvenir.
  • My first 6 years in Canada were in Cold Lake. Yes, coming from the Black Forest that was a bit of a shock.
  • I’m always active with exercise because I think it’s an important piece of life. In 2013 I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try myself at martial arts for exercise, coordination and also self-defence. I joined the same dojo as my son and am learning ¬†Arnis Kali Eskrima (Filipino Martial Arts) with an awesome group of people. Besides being a stress buster it’s teaching me a lot about myself: discipline, strength, facing and overcoming some fears etc.
  • I also love hot yoga. There is nothing like breaking a good sweat and detoxing.
  • I love traveling to different places with my family, trying different foods and am looking forward to do more of it.
  • I love all kinds of food. My favourite would be definitely Sushi. But I also really like the Mediterranean style and lots of salads in the summer. So far our favourite Sushi restaurant is Sushi Twister in Las Vegas.
  • I have a crafty side. My Oma taught me how to knit when I was 8 and it’s something I liked to do ever since. My boys sure like their knitted socks and hats.¬†One other hobby is my charcoal drawings. I find it quite therapeutic. Plus it creates some great memories.
  • I like action, comedy or drama movies. I don’t like horror movies at all. Why would I spend money on entertainment so someone can scare the crapola out of me.
  • When I drive by myself I tend to crank up the radio and sing along. It makes the drive go by a lot quicker.
  • I love learning. It keeps us fresh!

Thanks for reading my bio and I’m looking forward to meet you in the future!