Divorce and your Home

General Carola Singer 26 Feb

Divorce and Your Home

This is a well written blog by a fellow associate.
We all know that marriage isn’t always forever. When a separation occurs, a home is often involved. Since most couples have a joint mortgage – one where both names are on the mortgage and title of the home – when separation or divorce proceedings occur, many wonder what will happen with the home.

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Tips To Painlessly Have Your Best Financial Year Ever

General Carola Singer 9 Feb

Tips to Painlessly Have Your Best Financial Year EverWelcome to the second month of 2016! We have all had a few weeks to settle in now and get back to reality and, as always, getting our finances in order is at the top of mind for many of us. Today we are going to look at a few tricks to help you navigate this as easily as possible.

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